Acculoan is a residential mortgage and real estate services firm offering loan products and services. We launched to provide what we hope will be the most reliable, most preferred online source for quality services and information related to the mortgage process. Our vision was for mortgage brokers, real estate professionals and home buyers alike to have a place to go for quality service, competitive rates, and innovative tools related to home financing needs. Our goal has always been to bring the market closer to our clients and demystify the mortgage loan process.
In recent years, we have emerged as a distinctive partner for professionals in the industry.We offer highly competitive pricing, and above all, unsurpassed service and professionalism. Our technological enhancements include an automated system for the selection of the most attractive loan products in the secondary market based on the specific qualifications for individual borrowers. Our streamlined process enables us to perform all loan functions in our offices, from same day approvals, to processing, underwriting and funding, which means quality control, assurance and a level of service which is always maintained during the loan process. Our reputation for quality loan processing and underwriting among investors in the secondary gives us the leverage to select premium loan products at highly competitive rates. Our partners benefit from our years of experience operating a successful mortgage company, and today, we are in the forefront of delivering and processing loan products with new technologies and innovative back-end systems.
We're proud of our steady and deliberate growth strategy, which has helped us ride the multitude of economic challenges and opportunities since the early 80's. We understand that obtaining a home loan is one of the most important decisions made by our clientele, and we strive to provide the best, most reliable service possible. We knew the importance of maintaining this vision then, and we know it now.
We are also committed to fostering community relations and to creating opportunities for under-privileged families to realize their dream of homeownership. Our property management division is actively providing housing assistance and rental units below market prices to low income families who might otherwise not have the opportunity or the means to have a roof over their heads.


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